Personal Training

If you are looking for fast progress, then a personal trainer is what you need. Our personal training can be at Ozbodyfit gym or even at your own house in Shanghai. Over the years, Tomer developed a method that can be adjusted to every single individual. Progressing at your own pace (always push for the limit), revealing the weaknesses and developing them. Our private classes get the most out of you, emptying your body from bothering thoughts and feeling it with adrenaline, rush and excitement.




In our class you will develop speed, power, stamina, great instincts and better eye/hand coordination, Muay Thai combat from a professional trainer and not to mention the great improvement in the body condition. Tomer Oz, is an experienced personal trainer, knows that the key for a successful progress is trust and confidence between the student and the trainer. This progress is built through our trainers unique teaching method.