About Oz Body Fit

Oz Body Fit, the first Muay Thai Gym in Shanghai, was opened in 2008 by Mr.Tomer Oz. The Thai boxing club found the heart and sweat of many who seek exercise, adrenaline rush, fitness and health in Shanghai. The past few years we’ve had world champions, top trainers, celebrities and even Miss China 2015 passing by our gym. Our Muay Thai classes focus on helping students of all levels to develop power within. We leaving the machines behind and use bodyweight exercises for a total body workout!



Our Muay Thai classes focus on helping students of all levels to develop the power within, leaving the machines behind and use only your body for a total body workout. Developing speed, power, endurance, cardio health and dexterity by practicing Thai Boxing skills. We offer you Personal or Collective classes in order to suit your schedule and budget. Students wear hand wraps and Thai boxing gloves for a truly friendly workout that builds up the students skills like professional boxers. Our classes range from Beginners Level Basic for students to develop stamina, power and Muay Thai technique supervise by our trainers to Advanced Level which consists of a strenuous and challenging workout and sparring!

About Tomer Oz

Tomer is currently one the most sought after and professional Muay Thai boxing coaches in China. Mr. Oz was the first to open a professional club in Shanghai on 2008. Tomer discovered his love for Thai boxing during his training as a teenage, New York City and in Thailand. Since coming to Shanghai, he has become one of the top trainers (more than 18 years experience of Muay Thai). He holds a coaching certificate from Thailand since 2004. Tomer previously trained three years, and assisted at New York’s famous Ultimate Gym, and continued his regular training and fighting matches at Ingram Gym in Bangkok when he used to train with top Thai trainers and fighters.



In June 2008, Tomer was asked to provide a training session for the China Beijing 2008 Olympics’ team personal trainers. Also Tomer has been a referee in a professionals Muay Thai competitions, Tomer did a training program for the 2015 Miss China international fashion contest.. In addition, Tomer is well known in China for doing stunt fighting in movies, acting and fight stunts! Tomer already act in 3 of Jackie Chan movies! Tomer also organize Fight Events and performances and doing the fight choreography, sometimes even providing personal protection services for celebrities when in town. Oz Body Fit also employ’s professional Thai trainers all year round.